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For the Summer Season, we offer you small tasty tapas or mezze dishes.
Our dishes come out according to the traffic in the kitchen, there is no established order.
So plan to offer appetizers to your friends... We want to encourage conviviality and sharing.

We work in collaboration with small suppliers in order to offer local and quality food.

Wagyu Beef à Guy Noiseux Farm (Marieville)

Bakery Products à Arhoma (Montreal)
Meat Lamb and Honey à Pré du Mouton Noir (Carignan)

Rabbit Meat à Les lapins du Clapier Beaurivage

Herbal Teas à La Tisanerie Mandala (Montreal)

Lettuces & Vegetables à Cuisine collective Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (CCHM)


Appetizer $8 each or 5 Appetizers for $32
-Homemade potato chips                                         

- Slice of smoked salmon, bagel cracker and cheese
- Wagyu meat ball and tomato confit                  

- Artichoke heart in oil, grilled pepper and eggplant salad
- Taramoslata, sheep feta, olive and pita

-Carrot or beet 175 ml $6
-Beet, apple and celery 400 ml $10                     
-Carrot, apple, celery 400 ml $10

-Risotto, made with rice imported from Piedmont, mushrooms from the “country basket” of the Myco Boutique, grana padano cheese aged 16 months (or pistachio and walnuts) and sautéed fresh mushrooms in oil $17
-Roasted broccoli, on a butternut squash puree with pecan nuts topped with a goat cheese cream, and sprinkled with our gluten-free biscuits awarded by the jury of "Complètement sucre 2023" $16
-Green salad according to the recipe of Jehane Benoît – bowl rubbed with garlic, emulsion of olive oil, mustard, salt and pepper. The green leaves grown by the CCHM are torn and then mixed in the bowl. A squeeze of lemon and service! $12
-Bowl of vegetables from the market, sautéed in oil and Provencal herbs, with a large spoonful of Greek yogurt with honey, garnished with zucchini baba ghanoush and spicy pine nuts $15
-Persian strawberries, another recipe inspired by Jehane Benoît. Small Ontario strawberries while waiting for the Quebec season, and fresh baby spinach, maple syrup and a few drops of rose water. Simple and distinguished! $14
-Burrata (125 g): Who will have the chance to pierce the heart of this pasteurized pasta filata cheese so that the cream flows between the crushed tomatoes and the grilled pepper coulis, so that the oil and basil slip under the sagging ball? $19
-Baby potatoes, tender and slightly sweet, fried with coarsely chopped pancetta and crunchy as desired $15

-Argentine pink shrimp (responsible fishery) and grilled New Brunswick sea scallops . Served with a fresh cream of fish and aromatic herbs. As an accompaniment, lightly marinated vegetables and a drizzle of orange and pumpkin oil emulsion $22
-Spanish octopus tentacle (70 g), grilled and garnished with olives, lemon, Aleppo pepper, fresh herbs and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil $25
-on a bed of Provençal-style crushed tomatoes. A knob of lemon butter finishes melting all over $22
-Lobster tail (around 160g) on a mix of leaves from our friends at the CCHM, accompanied by vegetables and fruits from the market, and homemade mayo with crab base $32
-Tuna tataki on a slice of brioche topped with lobster bisque and some peas stranded. A lemon butter with herbs finishes melting on the tuna piece $16
Lobster roll, 60g of claw meat on a celery and shallot spreadable hotdog bun and mayonnaise $21

Marieville Wagyu beef from a small herd of animals fed with regional products, without the addition of growth hormones or antibiotics, under the supervision of Guy Noiseux. The refined taste of Wagyu is reminiscent of butter and hazelnut. Its tenderness is ensured by greater marbling and by aging the meat for 21 days in a controlled atmosphere.
The different parts of the beef hip are carefully chosen to concoct the following dishes:
Wagyu beef skewer (90 g) dry-marinated with Montreal spices $19
Wagyu beef carpaccio (90 g), parsley, shallot, grana padano cheese, olive oil $19
Wagyu beef tartare (90 g) carrot, pickle, parsley, shallot and spices $19

Skewer of leg of lamb (90 g), raised by Claude du Mouton Noir. This 100% Quebec delicacy is marinated in red wine, aromatic herbs, paprika, pepper and honey $17

“Muffleta” sandwich 300 g of ham, mortadella, sausage, prosciutto, vegetables in oil. A plate of deli meats, the Italian party in a loaf! $19

Cheese plate $15 and dessert $12 (We would have a lot to say, but we are at the bottom of the page… Ask the person serving)

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